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Sharwari's UX Journey: From Newbie to Pixel Perfection with Studio Incubator!

Hey design enthusiasts!

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I'm Sharwari, your friendly UI/UX designer, and I'm thrilled to share my rollercoaster of a journey with Studio Incubator. Buckle up, because it's been quite a ride from being a newbie to confidently presenting my work. Let's dive in!

We will be exploring the following topics in this blog:

The Newbie Chronicles

An Illustration of a student peeping out of curiosity

On the first day at Studio Incubator, I was the quintessential newbie. UX design was a territory unexplored for me. Fresh out of my bachelor's, I decided to take the plunge into the world of UX design, and was not having much knowledge about it.

But hey, no fear, right?

An Illustrations Of a Confident UI UX Student

I was ready to embrace the journey of trying, failing, and learning—mistakes and all. The excitement and a hint of nervousness lingered, but I embraced the fact that being a newbie meant I was open to making mistakes and learning from them.

Crafting a Solid Foundation

Now, let's talk about Studio Incubator's curriculum. The curriculum at Studio Incubator played a pivotal role in sculpting my UX design journey. It's like they had a magic wand that turned UX novices into design wizards. From design thinking to the latest trends and tools, they covered it all. From the intricacies of the design thinking process to mastering design techniques, strategies, trends, and the tools of the trade. It was like building a strong foundation of knowledge, brick by brick. The structured learning environment made it easy for a newbie like me to grasp the complex concepts and turn them into real-world design solutions.

Pixel by Pixel Adventure

But wait, there's more!

Studio Incubator didn't stop at theory. 

They threw us into the pixelated deep end with practice assignments. 

It was pixel by pixel perfection – an essential trait for any UX designer. The meticulous designing process became second nature, thanks to these hands-on practices.

It wasn't just about designing; it was about sweating the details, and that attention to detail. Absolutely essential for a kick-butt UX Designer.

Confidence Boost

An illustration of a student with a Laptop

As the days rolled by, something magical happened —I started seeing a change in myself. The uncertainties of day one turned into a confident, self-assured presenter by the end. 

The journey from a hesitant newbie to a confident presenter was not just a curriculum, but an experience that echoed with real growth.

The mix of theory and hands-on practice transformed me from a student into a designer ready to tackle the wild world of UX.

Studio Incubator, My Design BFF

Reflecting on this UX rollercoaster, Studio Incubator became more than just a school; it was my design BFF. The atmosphere was supportive, the curriculum was a game-changer, and the hands-on approach made me a designer with both knowledge and street smarts. The practical knowledge, the interactive assignments, and the friendly community made it a holistic experience. Challenges were tough, but overcoming them turned out to be the most rewarding part of my journey.

If you're a fellow designer or someone just dipping their toes into the UX waters, share your stories, challenges, or just shoot the breeze in the comments below. Let's create a vibe of mutual inspiration and growth. Your thoughts matter!

To anyone standing at the edge of a career shift or contemplating a dive into UX design, Studio Incubator is not just a Design Institute; it's a ride of transformation that shapes you into a design ninja. Embrace the journey, celebrate every 'aha' moment, and trust the process. Your UX adventure is waiting, and Studio Incubator is the ultimate sidekick to guide you through it all.

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Happy designing, my fellow design enthusiasts! 


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