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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Many students share a similar concern. While there's a substantial demand for both UI UX Designers and Graphic Designers in the industry, our observations reveal an interesting trend. Students specialising in either UI UX or Graphic Design show a hiring ratio of around 97%. However, those who complete our Empower U course, encompassing both Graphic Design and UI UX Design, achieve a 100% hiring ratio. We highly recommend our Empower U course with its advanced curriculum, providing comprehensive training in both Graphic Design and UI UX Design.

  • Course Fees:
    Fees vary for Graphic Design and UX/UI courses, however, you can save more with our combo UI UX + GD Course.

    Payment Options:
    You can choose to save up to 10% based on the payment option you select.
    We also have an EMI option to pay the fees for the course value of more than ₹50,000.

    Early-bird Discount: Save 5% by booking at least 15 days before the batch starts.

    - Referral discount available.

    •  1+1 Group: Save ₹1,000 each.

    •  1+2 or more: Save ₹1,500 each with 2 EMI options.


    Contact us for more information on one-time payment savings.

  • Yes, the amount is refundable if you cancel at least 15 days prior, with only service charges deducted.

  • No need to worry! You can still secure your spot for the next upcoming batch; the booking is valid for 6 months.

  • Not more than 12 so that you don't get lost in a crowd and not too less so that you can't learn from others.

  • With Studio Incubator, you learn everything from basic to advanced level along with a strong portfolio to please your employees or your clients. Certainly, you can do freelance too. However, there is no reason for you not to find suitable job at the end of the course.

  • Yes, you can. We have a UI UX Course overview for our UX Ul Design course once a month, you need to pre-book it from our website.

  • Yes, these are the Certificate courses and you are awarded with Certificate from Studio Incubator at the end of the successful completion of the course and given assignments. You also developed your unique portfolio which helps you to get a job in the industry.

  • Usually, all batches are planned well in advance with timings, but if due to some medical emergency, you missed any session, you need to submit a copy of the medical certificate and after validation of your certificate we can plan an overview of the missed session before your next class, or if you need complete class then we can club you in next planned batch.

  • We train you as per global industry standards. Our students have been placed in the industry anywhere from 12k to 54k per month.

  • We have tie-ups with companies (MNC), startups, small and medium design houses. Also with our recognition in the industry as quality training providers there is continuous demand from the industry to hire our students. We have successfully placed our students in various well-known companies with good salary packages. A list is published on our website.

  • No, our mastery is into design and creativity. There are many cases of working professionals from programming/developers background who have approached us as they were not happy working as coders. We have successfully trained them in designing, built their confidence along with their portfolio. Now they are enjoying their career as Visual designers.

  • English is the business language and most of our training (theoretical part) conducted in the English language but tools are taught in the native language (Hindi or Marathi) so that maximum students understand it well.

  • We can understand your urge for taking this course now you need types of equipment to create loveable design and applications.

    • You need access to your own system Laptop/computer as we respect your time, you can practice as much as you want at your preferred time.

    • We will be sharing the link to subscribe and download all the required applications as per the course you have enrolled in.

    • Do not forget to carry your best self and the desire to learn your chosen course.

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Student Stories

Tanvi Yeole - Certified UI UX Designer from Studio Incubator



Certified: UI UX Designer

I did my course with studio incubator and it was a great experience.
They did a great job of engaging students and were always willing to answer the questions. They also provided helpful feedback on our projects and were always available to discuss ideas. Overall, I would recommend joining the UI/UX Course with Studio Incubator.

Aarti Chordiya - Certified UI UX Designer from Studio Incubator



Certified: UI UX Designer

The Studio Incubator UI/UX course is a valuable learning experience with a comprehensive curriculum, knowledgeable instructors, and practical approach. The course covers a wide range of topics and provides hands-on assignments and projects. The instructors are responsive and provide constructive feedback. The emphasis on real-world application and industry best practices is helpful. The course also offers useful resources. However, there could be more opportunities for student interaction and collaboration. Overall, it is highly recommended for those interested in UI/UX design.

Angela Strezoska - Certified Graphic Designer from Studio Incubator



Certified: Graphic Designer

Studio Incubator, is a great place has a great energy and there is a great team. Everyone is nice and welcoming. Ready to answer all of the questions and help you learn. The professor, Abhijeet has incredible creativity. His classes are very good, he explains well.
My experience is positive and i am happy i chose Studio Incubator for my Graphic Designing course.
I will never forget this experience and all of the people i have met there.

Prasad Ogale - Certified UI UX Designer from Studio Incubator



Certified: UI UX Designer

Studio incubator is the best designing institute you will find. The faculty is very helpful. They helped and cleared all my queries that I had during the entire course duration. Also they provided me job opportunities right after I completed the course. I will always remain grateful to the institute for helping me to gain knowledge and give placement opportunities.

Nisha Handa - Certified UI UX Designer from Studio Incubator



Certified: UI UX Designer

Studio Incubator is the best place for learning and building UX + UI skills.

All teachers and mentors are industry experts, they have a well planned syllabus with industry standard sessions which helped me for the interviews and also infused a sense of collaboration and design thinking mindset in me.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the studio and learnt a lot.

Yadunath Deuskar - Certified UI UX Designer from Studio Incubator



Certified: UI UX  Designer

Studio Incubator faculties are real experts in UI UX. The knowledge provided will help to build the career and it will remain forever. The project done using UX methods is the real key of the course. They helped me in every aspects even after the completion of the course. All the best and keep up the great work. 👍👍

Sharanya Salehittal - Certified UI UX Designer from Studio Incubator



Certified: UI UX  Designer

I joined the empower UI/UX course. The faculty was really helpful and taught really well. They guided me through the right path throughout the course and also helped me finding a job after the course. Had a great experience at Studio Incubator.

Ruby Kurian - Certified UI UX Designer from Studio Incubator



Certified: UI UX  Designer

"I have completed my UX/UI design course from Studio Incubator. It was the best decision to join them. I was from a development background so i wanted to switch it to Designing. They helped me to do so.
They explain all the details with presentation, workshop and different activities. They do workshop's which helps to remember everything. Juily maam and Jitendra sir they have best teaching technique's once my course was completed they both helped me in my interviews and guided me in all the assignments. Learning was fun with them.
Abhijeet sir was our technical teacher, he has an amazing creativity. All the Designing apps which he explained was so good. He helped us, answered all our questions. His teaching skills are very good. His designs are amazing.
I highly recommend anyone who's searching for a skilled designed institute to join them."

Sayali Chaturvedi - Certified UI UX Designer from Studio Incubator



Certified: UI UX Designer

"I have completed my UX/UI design course from studio Incubator and they have explained every ui/ux concepts so well with presentations, workshops and activities, I have enjoyed studying such concepts ,learning was fun, joining studio incubator was my best decision. They have best teaching methodologies and syllabus all thanks to Juily mam and Jitendra sir.Special thanks to Abhijeet sir for technical classes ,even with a zero design background one would be able to design so well with assignments.
They provide assistance right from the beginning till the end of the course.I would suggest studio Incubator is perfect for all those who want to learn and build their career as designers."

Bhargavi Bakhle - Certified UI UX Designer from Studio Incubator



Certified: UI UX Designer

I had a great experience with Studio Incubator. The staff is very friendly and helpful. All the tools are taught in depth and concepts are explained properly. A lot of assignments are given for practice to improve your skills and build a good portfolio.